The story of the house



In 1954 the artist decided to build himself a home and studio in Piran. He found three old rundown fisherman’s houses on the sea, of which only the main walls were left standing. These shells were the beginning of his dream house.

 The houses in the old town are around 800 years old. The sea surrounding the peninsula used to come right up to the buildings and it was only a few years before the Second World War that a road was built to keep the sea from the houses. This is now the promenade and the public beach that gives Piran that special feeling that its inhabitants and visitors find so fascinating.

 The Spacal house is built from local stone and wood and it is this combination that gives the house a special atmosphere, and makes it so welcoming. There are two terraces, one above the other, both of which overlook the sea, and wherever you look you will be struck by the sheer beauty around you.

 The main entrance has a very special feature – a wide door clad with copper sheets that have turned green with age and on which the artist represented in relief the waves of the sea and the houses of Piran. High up on the right, you will notice a white stone slab worked in relief, which represents Adam and Eve and the sun, symbols of love and of a new beginning.

Inside there is a garage, and a flight of stairs leads up to the first floor and the first terrace. Surrounded by its white stone columns and supporting the second floor it is reminiscent of the Knossos Palace in Crete. The shape of the terrace gives you the impression of being on the stern of a sailing ship, especially because all you can see is the blue sea. Inside you will immediately notice the multicoloured Venetian marble floor. There was once a fireplace here and a sofa, tables and bookshelves. This is where the artist used to entertain his guests, especially during the cooler weather when the fire in the hearth used to give a warm welcome. From the first terrace a second flight of stairs takes you to the upper floor where the sight of the Gulf is even more spectacular. Inside, the rooms are panelled with wood to look like the inside of a wooden ship, a galley. This was the real atelier of the artist where he created his works of art surrounded by beauty and tranquillity. Apartment Price list Contact us Italiano Deutsch Slovensko