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The Spacal Apartment was once the home and studio of the renowned Triestine artist Luigi Spacal It is located right on the seashore between the earth and the sky On the tip of the Piran Peninsula Surrounded by peace and quiet A breath-taking view Enchanting Unforgettable

  The Spacal apartment in Piran is located at the tip of the point, right next to the lighthouse and a small church. Directly facing the sea, it was refurbished in 2010 and offers ideal accommodation mixing old world charm with modern amenities. There are two apartments available. Apartment 1 on the first floor is perfect for 2 up to 3 persone and the second apartment on the second floor can ospit from 2 up to six person. But both apartments have a fantastic terraceof 35m2 facing directly the sea adn the Gulf of Trieste from where you can enjoy the most spectacular romantic sunsets in the summer evenings.


Piran is an old Venetian fishing village built on the peninsula that tapers off gradually between the Gulf of Strugnano and the Gulf of Piran. The peninsula ends at the Punto della Madonna, in the extreme northwest of Istria, in Slovenia. The little town is very picturesque. It is surrounded by a circular wall with towers and crowned by the Church of St George from where the red-tiled roofs of the houses descend towards the tip of the Point. The old town contains many Venetian buildings and you will find lots of baroque and gothic buildings in the small squares – campielli - and the narrow, winding stone-paved alleys – calle – wedged in between the tiny, low houses that were once inhabited by fishermen and salt-pan workers. Apartment Watch the video of the apartment Watch the video of the best sunsets in Piran Price list Contact us Italiano Deutsch Slovensko

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